About Us

Davis Paint & Collision, located in Midwest City, Oklahoma, first opened its doors in 1990. Owners, Ron and Jackie Davis, had the vision to establish a respectable local business that provides quality customer service and automotive repair. Davis Paint & Collision began with Ron completing all aspects of repair as the sole employee. This company rapidly grew as they built a reputation for quality customer service and automotive repairs within the community and with insurance companies. With the rapidly expanding customer base, Davis Paint & Collision was able to expand in 1995. The new facility, which is the current location, was a 6,000  square foot facility with the full capacity to handle all automotive repair needs.  As the business continues to expand with the highest reputation in the local community, and with many insurance companies, Ron and Jackie saw it necessary to expand again in 2004 adding an additional 4,000 square feet. In 2011, Davis Paint & Collision was remodeled which included an expansion of 7,500 square feet state of the art paint facility and new office space.

As Davis Paint & Collision celebrates their 25th year in business, one more expansion is greatly anticipated. A second automotive repair facility, located in Midwest City, OK, has opened its doors as of February 2015. We are excited for the opportunity to grow and serve our community even more.

In the last 25 years, Davis Paint & Collision has grown from one employee to over 25 employees and continues to grow. The Davis family is excited and committed to continue providing the highest quality of service to the community.



I'm very impressed with my first encounter with Davis Paint & Collision. Today I took my new GMC Yukon in to see what could be done with a small gouge and dent in my rear bumper cover. Without having to wait at all Jeremiah came out to inspect the damage. He was able to quickly give me an estimate and explained what it would take to repair it properly. He also offered, at no charge, to do a quick repair with a heat gun and a little touch up paint to hold us over until we have time to come in for a full repair. In no time I had a temporary fix that looked great. Thanks! Friends of mine...