Must-Have Summer Tune-Ups For Your Car

Summers, like Winters, bring a different type of challenge to vehicles. Yes, they are machines that need to operate at any temperature but they perform better when they're well maintained and topped up with fluids. This summer, before you go on that trip, it's essential to have your car tuned-up [...]

Must-Have Summer Tune-Ups For Your Car2021-06-30T15:10:28-05:00

Top 6 Vehicle Emergency Items To Keep In Your Car This Winter

If the recent snow storm is any indication, we should be better prepared for these types of situations in the future. A vehicle emergency kit is a must for the safety and comfort of drivers in winter. When you get stranded in such extreme weather condition, a well-equipped emergency kit [...]

Top 6 Vehicle Emergency Items To Keep In Your Car This Winter2021-02-22T16:20:02-05:00

6 Tips for Safer Winter Driving

US Department of Transportation has reported that at least 1300 deaths and 116,800 injuries occur annually due to accidents occurring in snowy or icy conditions. Approximately 70% of roads in America are exposed to harsh winter conditions. Chances are good that if you are reading this article, these tips will [...]

6 Tips for Safer Winter Driving2021-01-19T01:42:58-05:00

New Year Safe Driving Tips

While there is excitement in the air about the new year, driving on New Year's eve can be a risky affair. If you're planning to go out to meet friends and family, it'll help to have a plan. New Year's eve has one of the highest auto-related collisions compared to [...]

New Year Safe Driving Tips2020-12-30T14:01:23-05:00