New Year Safe Driving Tips

While there is excitement in the air about the new year, driving on New Year's eve can be a risky affair. If you're planning to go out to meet friends and family, it'll help to have a plan. New Year's eve has one of the highest auto-related collisions compared to [...]

New Year Safe Driving Tips2020-12-30T14:01:23-05:00

5 Tips To Make Your Car Winter Ready

Winter is quickly approaching and before you know it, you'll soon need to drive in the snow or frozen roads. The condition of your car is very important during winter and so we'd like to make sure that you're ready before it happens. Although winter brings many joys to people, [...]

5 Tips To Make Your Car Winter Ready2020-11-16T14:05:13-05:00

4 Ways To Avoid A Flat Tire

Imagine you are driving your car on a rainy day, heading to an important meeting, and suddenly you notice that you have a flat tire. At that moment, even if you have a spare tire with you, it is still an exhausting and time-consuming activity, which you always want to [...]

4 Ways To Avoid A Flat Tire2020-10-19T12:52:43-05:00

Why Is My Car Vibrating?

We've all been there. Your car starts vibrating out of the blue and you have no clue what happened. Maybe it starts happening as you stop at a stoplight, or as you accelerate on the highway. It is a scary feeling, especially considering the fact that you don't know what [...]

Why Is My Car Vibrating?2020-07-27T16:44:42-05:00

Get Your Car Ready For Summer Travels

Aah, summer is here. Oklahoma heat is setting in but most importantly, many of us are finally getting out. Bеfоrе you lоаd thе car wіth уоur luggаgе and get еvеrуоnе fаѕtеnеd in their seat belts, there аrе a fеw thіngѕ you need tо tаkе care оf. A flat tire оr [...]

Get Your Car Ready For Summer Travels2020-07-06T12:31:57-05:00