Paintless Dent Repair, or PDR as we like to call it, is a smart way to repair hail damage, minor dents & door dings while preserving your car’s original factory finish. PDR minimizes the repair time & is more economical than conventional body repair that requires repainting. Insurance companies typically recommend PDR for hail damage repairs, and we work with all insurance companies. An advantage of having your hail damage repaired at Davis Paint and Collision is if there is a combination repair needed, the PDR & conventional repair can be done at one convenient location. We repair all makes & models, foreign & domestic while preserving your investment with a quality repair.

Davis Paint & Collision offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty & complete customer satisfaction with our repairs.


There are “traveling” PDR companies that follow storm locations – here today, gone tomorrow. These companies will drill holes in your vehicle for easier access. If the manufacturer wanted holes there they would have put them there in the first place. The holes that are drilled weaken the structure of your vehicle which does not return it to original manufacturer standards.