Regular maintenance of your car is important for its smooth running and prolonged life. If a car is not maintained properly, there is a good chance that the owner will end up visiting local auto repair shops too oftern. On the other hand, regular maintenance will significantly reduce the number of fixes your car will need throughout its life. Many people are familiar with the regular checks a car needs to be in top shape. However, few are aware of the annual maintenance tasks that are essential to keep your car running like brand new.

Start with a visual inspection of your car

Even if you have zero technical knowledge about cars, you can still catch odd things by simply looking at your vehicle. Now, there are quite a few things to check here, but we will start with the most important one: tires.


Even if you keep optimal pressure in your tires, there is a good reason to take a good look at them. After prolonged use, the surface of the tires get flat, thereby leading to loss of grip between the tire and road. Touch the treads of the tires. If the tread pattern is slowly diminishing, it is a good time to change them. You can also rotate the tires if the rear ones are more worn out than the front ones.


After checking tires, you should test the lights. With time, the surface of the lights gets cloudy thereby leading to a very dim light. Headlights are crucial in night driving since they are solely responsible for providing Stopping Sight Distance (SSD) to the driver. If you think your lights are not performing up to the task and need a restoration, visit a local auto repair shop and have them look at it.


Imagine you are driving on a rainy day, and your wipers suddenly stop working. How would you be able to drive even for a single mile when you are not able to see anything? You do not want to be stuck in such a situation. Instead, you should make sure that your wipers are working by conducting an annual checkup. It will also help to reduce the scratches on your windshield.

Pay attention to the noise

After visual inspection, it is a great idea to hear the noise of your car and try to feel if anything is odd. The sound of your car can tell you about most of the problems your car might be facing. We will discuss the most important ones here.


Without any doubt, brakes are one of the most important things to check in your vehicle. The sound produced when you apply the brakes can tell a lot about the condition of your brakes. If you hear a screeching sound when you press the brake pedal, it is time to let a mechanic check if a replacement is required.


The exhaust system of your vehicle also needs an annual check. If you are hearing a growling voice from the muffler, you should let a mechanic see if it needs a replacement. You can also check this from your vehicle’s manual by the manufacturer.

Time to look under the hood


The life of car batteries depends on many factors. As time passes, they tend to get weaker if not properly maintained. You need to make sure that electrolyte fluid levels are as required. Sometimes, the contact points need to be replaced. It is best to let a mechanic check the condition of battery if you are not sure.

Spark plugs, belts and hoses

After checking the battery, you should check the spark plugs of your vehicle, as they are responsible for providing ignition. If you have faulty spark plugs, there is a good chance your car will lose power. Similarly, take a good at the condition of belts and hoses, and see if any replacement is required.

Let experts do your annual inspection

While you may be able to catch something that needs fixing, an experienced automotive can do a lot more and save you major repairs down the road. Here at Davis Paint & Collision Auto Center, that’s what we have been doing for the past 30 years. Visit one of our 3 locations or call to schedule an an appointment and let us keep your car in great shape for the next year. Our Oklahoma City location’s phone number is 405.733.9797, South Oklahoma City location: 405.691.1820, and Midwest City location: 405.732.0762.