When a car breaks down, many people are always in shock. It was working fine yesterday, someone says. The truth of the matter is that cars need tune-ups every now and then to keep them working well and to be able to foresee things that could go wrong in the future. Sure, there are times that cars will break down even with an excellent maintenance record. However, by tuning up your car on a regular basis, you greatly reduce the chance of a huge repair cost due to neglected maintenance. In this article, we’ll look at the most important tune-ups that can save you thousands in repair costs.

When it comes to tune-ups, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is finding a reputable auto repair shops that you can trust. Here at Davis Paint & Collision Auto Center, we help hundreds of Oklahomans each year maintain their vehicles and avoid high costs of repairs. Come check us out and see why we’re the preferred automotive repair shop in Oklahoma.

What Is A Tune-Up

In simple terms, a tune-up is a set of routine maintenance tasks that need to be done on your car to keep it performing its best. Tune-ups are not something that repair shops invented. Every vehicle has a set of maintenance tasks recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer that will keep the car performing to its full potential. A well-maintained car is a safe car for you and for everyone sharing the road with you.

Engine Filters

Engine filters, much like the filters in your home protect the engine from particles that can get into vital parts of the car. Every car has filters for air, oil, fuel, and cabin and over time these get clogged making the engine work harder. The result is poor fuel consumption and loss of power from the engine, along with overheating. Changing filters is much cheaper but if not changed for a long time can lead to serious engine problems.

Belts and Hoses

Belts are essential components to the various parts of the engine. They connect different systems so that the whole engine as a unit is in sync. Hoses transport fluids into or away from the engines. Because they’re made of rubber and other non-rigid material, they tend to wear faster than steel. These belts and hoses need to be removed and replaced with new ones every so often. If not replaced, belts can break and cause the vehicle not to move. Hoses can bust and start leaking fluid. The best thing to do is to take your car to a reputable auto repair shop and have them changed.

Fluid Top Up

Brake fluid, coolant, engine oil, and transmission fluid are all necessary for your car to run well. Over time these fluids get contaminated and become less effective in doing their job. When this happens, important car systems get compromised. For example, if your brake fluid hasn’t been changed for a  long time, you could experience issues braking or coming to a full stop. This is why it’s important to replace your vehicle’s fluids every so often.

Find Local, Reputable Repair Shop

It’s easier to stay on top of your car’s tune-ups when you have a dependable repair shop to guide you and take care of your car. Here at Davis Paint & Collision Auto Center, we have a plan in place to help keep your vehicle running in great condition. We’re closer to you with 3 repair facilities across the Oklahoma City metro. Call us today and let us take care of you. Oklahoma City location 405.733.9797, South Oklahoma City location 405.691.1820, and Midwest City location 405.732.0762.