The current supply chain issues is causing immense delays to many auto collision shops across the US. It is becoming increasingly difficult for auto repair shops to find even minor spare parts these days. In addition, many auto body shops are having a hard time convincing customers that the delay in car repairs is only because of the global shortage in automotive supply and that they are doing their best to avoid delays in car repairs. Below, we’ll look at some of the reasons automotive supplies have delayed. 

1. Global shortage of raw materials

One of the biggest reasons for delays in auto parts supply is the global shortage of raw materials. With each passing day, it is becoming harder to produce raw materials due to COVID-19 shut downs in the US and other countries. For instance, sometimes there is a global shortage of some crucial elements like lithium. In this case, even the supplier cannot ensure a timely delivery of auto parts as the delay is on the manufacturing end. To cope with this issue, we are implementing a robust planning and scheduling mechanism to forecast our demands for parts and avert any delays. 

2. Personnel shortage in transportation industry

The next important reason that has led to delays in getting auto parts has to do with getting the parts to the auto shops. The journey these auto parts take spans continents and regions and at many of these areas there has been shut downs. One area in particular where there have been major delays is the US customs. The pandemic has caused a huge spike in medical supplies from overseas and this has stretched thin the already short-staffed US customs. Because of this, all parts going through the US customs will require much more time to clear inspection causing delays at your local body shop.

3. Increase in international tariff

Trade relations between the US and China and the Brexit process have all led to increased tariff charges pushing many shipping companies to increase their rates by a big margin. The high tariffs had another consequence and that is that it made some shippers close shop because they couldn’t compete. With less shippers, not only do you have even more delays, it also costs more to ship auto parts.

What customers can expect

While we’re all affected just like everyone else, Davis Paint & Collision Auto Center is much better connected to receive parts as soon as they arrive. As a certified provider of automotive repairs for a number of large manufacturers, we have access to suppliers who are able to provide parts that other shops may not have access to. We’re working with our supply chain to make sure that we get the parts on time. We can always discuss the options available to you when you bring your car in for repair.

While we wait for things to get back to some form of normalcy, at Davis Paint & Collision Auto Center we’d like to let you know that we are here to take care of auto collision needs. We are not only certified to fix a variety of makes and models but also we have been doing it for over 3 decades. Reach out to any of our 3 locations. For the Oklahoma City location, call 405.733.9797, South Oklahoma City location: 405.691.1820, and Midwest City location: 405.732.0762. We’re open. Call today.