Summers, like Winters, bring a different type of challenge to vehicles. Yes, they are machines that need to operate at any temperature but they perform better when they’re well maintained and topped up with fluids. This summer, before you go on that trip, it’s essential to have your car tuned-up so that it’s performing its best. You also don’t want to encounter a breakdown miles away from home when a simple maintenance could have prevented hundreds of dollars in repair bills.

Start with the fluids

During summer heat, vehicles have a hard time keeping the levels of the various fluids because much of it can evaporate of become worn out quickly. When fluids run low, vital systems of your vehicle suffer from poor performance. For example, if you run low on freon, the air conditioning won’t cool your car enough. Other fluids such as engine oil, transmission oil and wiper fluids are equally important for the functioning of your vehicle.

Check tires for a smooth ride

The quality of your tires isn’t just for winter when you need to be ready for snow. During summer, the heat can cause warping of tires. Low tire pressure can cause your engine to work harder and consume more gas than is necessary. If you don’t have a tire pressure guage, it’s a good idea to pick one up before a long trip so that you can keep an eye on the pressure level. You can easily top up air at a gas station but if you see noticeable wear and tear, consider replacing the tires.

Check hoses and belts

Another important thing to look at are hoses and belts. Hoses and belts are especially vulnerable because they’re mostly made of rubber and other flexible materials. Because of summer heat, hoses and belts become less flexible and develop cracks leading to leaks in the system. You’d want those hoses inspected and then changed where necessary. Hoses should be firm and flexible but not soft.

Visit Davis Paint & Collision Auto Center

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