We’ve all been there. Your car starts vibrating out of the blue and you have no clue what happened. Maybe it starts happening as you stop at a stoplight, or as you accelerate on the highway. It is a scary feeling, especially considering the fact that you don’t know what started it or what happens next. In this article, we’ll explore some of the root causes of a vibrating car and how to spot the problem so you’re better informed.

Good maintenance goes a long way

Before going further I just wanted to say that many car troubles can be eliminated by having a good auto maintenance plan. Here at Davis Paint & Collision Auto Center, we not only believe but also know that a well-maintained car will have fewer surprise repairs needed than one that is not well-maintained. If you’re in the Oklahoma City metro or Midwest City, give us a call and we’ll set you up on an auto repair maintenance plan that can help you avoid such issues.

Degrading Tires

Tires don’t usually age at the same rate. Depending on your driving patterns and the condition of your chassis, some tires may age and lose their thread faster than others. This level of imbalance can cause shaking of cars especially at high speeds because the tires are not gripping the road with a uniform grip.

When you experience this issue, the first thing to do is to first examine your tires for signs of wear and tear and replace them. Excessive wear on specific points in the tire could mean that you need to have tires rotated or balanced to get them back in sync.

The Axle

The axle is responsible for transmitting power to the wheels and keeping the car level on the ground. As you hit bumps and potholes, the axle may get bent and misaligned such that it doesn’t keep the wheels aligned properly. While a few bumps won’t cause immediate issues, over time this bending will be large enough to cause shaking of the car.

The best solution for axle issues is to have your car checked by a reputable auto repair shop in your area. The auto repair shop should be well equipped to do a thorough test and you’d know that by asking about their auto repair certifications. A certified repair shop will have the tools and expertise do diagnose your axle issue.

The Engine

If your tires are fine and your axle has no issue, the next thing to look at is your engine. Don’t let this scare you because when it comes to the engine, there are numerous moving parts. For one, the timing belt may be getting worn out, causing timing issues. It could also be loose or worn out hoses.

Engine problems are best looked at by a trained professional to assess the source and extent of the damage. For the best chance of fixing a vibrating car, have a certified auto repair shop look at it. Remember, not all auto repair shops are created the same. Certified auto repair shops have gone through the proper training to be certified in that technique.

It’s my hope that you’ll find this information useful. If your car has a vibrating issue, it’s best to take care of it as soon as you can, otherwise, you may deal with a larger problem down the road. We invite you to visit Davis Paint & Collision Auto Center and have us look at why your car is vibrating. We are a certified auto collision and repair facility with 3 locations across the Oklahoma City metro. We’re open and ready to help. If you’d like, give us a call before you come in. Our Oklahoma City location’s phone number is 405.733.9797, South Oklahoma City location: 405.691.1820, and Midwest City location: 405.732.0762.