When did you last get your car tune-up done? For many of us, the start of summer means getting ready for vacations and holidays. The warm weather is very enticing and it also happens to be the time when we have many national holidays like the Memorial Day weekend. Before you get out and take your family on a trip, you need to get your car tuned-up and ready for the long trip. At Davis Paint & Collision, we provide several tune-up solutions and in this article, I’ll tell you the most essential tune-ups you need to do on your car in order to have a safe and enjoyable drive.

Top up coolant and oil

The most essential tune-up involves topping up oils and coolants in your car. This includes brake fluid, transmission oil, coolant and other lubricants. While you may get by in colder weather with low cooling, the hot summer heat will cause more evaporation which in turn can affect important systems in the car.

Air conditioning checks

Many people don’t bother about air conditioning simply because it is working but it’s a good idea to have it checked anyway because the hot summer will stretch the capability of your air conditioning unit to the max and so you need to make sure that the coolant and related parts are working well. You’d also want to check that there is no leakage through the pipes that could become a problem as the temperature gets hotter.

Tires and brakes

This is a good time to check your tires and brakes because the long trip can turn sour by time spent changing a tire on the side of the road. The change in weather causes expansion of tires in hot summer making them uneven, especially if they’re worn out. Check for adequate tread, uneven wear and tear and air pressure and replace if not meeting standard. You can always bring your car in for a checkup and to get a review of the health of your tires. Brakes check-up is another life saver given the huge amount of people on the road and the many start and stops you’ll have to do. If you notice any noise on the brakes you know it’s time to get them replaced.

Battery and spark plugs

Lastly, you want to make sure your battery and spark plugs are working well. Spark plugs determine how well a car converts fuel into energy and so having bad spark plugs just means that you’ll be wasting gas, and your money. make your money go further by getting a tune-up and improving your gas mileage for the trip.

Lastly, just have fun! There are many things to be thankful for and a car that runs well is one of them. Spend time with family and give them all your attention.