Great paint on a car is something many car owners value on their cars. When your car is new or just newly painted, it looks great and very appealing, even if it may be old. So how do you keep the paint job on your car looking its best? Well, we have three tips for you that will show you how to keep your car’s paint job as good as new for longer.

Pick your parking carefully

The most important factor that determines how well the paint job will hold up is where you decide to park on a daily basis. Direct sunlight or other weather elements have a big impact on the condition of your car’s paint over the long term. Park your car indoors as mush as possible as this will protect the car from harsh sunlight and other weather changes. When you’re out and about, pick a spot in the parking lot with shadows from buildings where possible to prevent direct sunlight. In many shopping areas there are usually more than one parking lot space so you may be able to park in a good spot.

Car wash schedule

Next, you need to keep a car wash schedule, say every Saturday or beginning weekend of the month depending on how much you use your car. You should wash your car frequently because by washing it you get rid of dirt and droppings that can stick more permanently causing your paint job not to look good. Beware car wash places where the machines brush against your car exterior harshly as these will cause scratches over time. Instead use car washes that use air drying and waxing without touching your car. It’s a good idea to research car wash places and find out what equipment they use before going in for a wash.

Wax & spot clean as necessary

Waxing your car is a great way to ensure that your car is protected from external elements that can damage your car. Wax provides a layer of protection over the paint job and helps keep dirt and other elements from sticking to the car and cause chipping. Ideally, wax your car after a wash to keep the protection going.

If you encounter spillage or bird droppings on your car, don’t wait till your car wash day to clean it. Rather, clean it as soon as you can. This will help in keeping your car clean and free from dirt that can damage your car. Some stains, like coffee and soda, can cause paint discoloration and so it’s a good idea to fix it as soon as you can.

Need a paint job?

Hopefully these tips will help you keep your car clean. Some paint jobs, however, may be too late to fix. For those issues, we can help. Davis Paint & Collision has handled hundreds of paint jobs and we would be honored to help you. Just call us at Oklahoma City location: 405.733.9797 or Midwest City location: 405.732.0762