Collisions of all kinds cause severe issues to the structure of a car. Many of these issues are usually well visible because of the impact on the car. Rear-end collisions, however, can have a lot more hidden issues that you may not be aware of. This is why it’s important to bring your car to an auto collision center such as Davis Paint & Collision Auto Center even if the collision wasn’t major. In this article, we’ll look at the hidden issues caused by rear-end collisions.

1. Vehicle Alignment Issues

Alignment issues after a rear-end collision are hard to spot unless observed carefully and tested by a trained technician. If not addressed, alignment issues can cause a number of performance challenges including difficulty steering, keeping within your lane, and severe tire wear.

2. Transmission Problems

The impact of rear-end collision is absorbed by the engine transmission causing all sorts of pressure on the parts that make up the transmission. This is especially true for rear-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles as they depend on the transmission system to provide added performance to the vehicle. Jut like alignment issues mentioned above, transmission problems may not be felt immediately, however, after some time you’ll start experiencing transmission issues that could be very costly.

3. Auto Body Issues

While there may not be any visible damage to the outside of the car, internally, a rear-end collision may have caused serious damage to the frame of the car. The frame of the car is built to certain precision parameters, at which level the car functions normally and is safe to drive. When a rear-end collision happens, the integrity of the frame is compromised, causing a chain of events that put other systems in the car at risk. This is why it’s important to get your car checked out by a certified auto body shop following an auto collision.

4. Braking System

In an attempt to stop the car during a rear-end collision, the braking system is pushed to the limit and can wear out pretty quickly in just moments. Tires, for example, will lose much of their tread and braking pads will wear out quickly. Following a rear-end collision, don’t assume that your brakes will continue working because they may have lost that gripping power. It’s not uncommon for cars to develop leakage of brake fluid and to have it go unnoticed for some time.

5. Your Wellbeing

We can’t talk about the car without mentioning the impact rear-end collisions have on our human bodies. The action of being thrust forward or backward can cause issues to your body structure. Please make sure you get checked out by a healthcare provider. You can always replace a car but we can’t replace you.

Solution For Rear-End Collisions

Instead of winging it and hoping your car won’t develop any serious problems after an auto collision, let us help you get the car properly inspected by our team of certified technicians. Not only can we discover and fix collision issues, but we can also help you navigate insurance claims because we have done it many times over. We have 3 locations around Midwest City and Oklahoma City metro. You can call one of the locations today: Oklahoma City location 405.733.9797, South Oklahoma City location 405.691.1820, and Midwest City location 405.732.0762.