Part of maintaining your car is keeping the original paint looking as good as new and protected from the elements. Your vehicle’s coat of paint has many important functions other than just looking good. For one, auto paint protects the inner layer of your car from the outside elements such as moisture. Knowing how to spot things that compromise your car’s paint is vital to keeping your car looking as good as new. In this article, we’ll look at 5 surprising things that damage your car’s paint.

Regular Soft Drinks

The drinks we consume – coffee, tea, juices, and soda – may not be good for our cars. When left on the body of our cars, spilled soft drinks can get sticky and stain the car paint. Many times we don’t even realize that there’s a stain on the body of the car and this contributes to the permanent effect of these drinks. Whenever you spill a drink on the car, try to wipe it off with a wet rag or automotive cleaner as soon as you can. Sugar and acidity of these drinks make for a perfect corrosion agent so the quicker you clean it the better you’ll be.

Bird Droppings

Another culprit is bird poop. Bird poop is not only sticky but can also cause chipping of paint depending on the amount. Try to park your car inside a sheltered structure such as a garage or indoor parking space to avoid getting bird droppings on your car. It also helps to regularly wash your car so that you can remove any droppings that you may not have noticed on your car.

Automotive Oils

Some automotive fluids and oils can cause the car paint to peel, in part because some oils act like paint thinners so when spilled on the body of the car there may be damage. If you happen to work on the car or have service done on your vehicle, it’s a good idea to wash your car just in case some of it spilled on the body of the car.

Frozen Ice

While snow is light and fun to play with, when it turns into ice and freezes on your car’s body, it can cause some damage. The expanding and contraction of ice on a vehicle’s body puts undue pressure on the paint which can lead to cracking or chipping. It’s best to cover your vehicle if you can’t get it into a shelter to protect it from snow freezing on your car.


Overflowing gas from the tank can lead to discoloration around the area where you the gas flows. Although it takes time to see the change in paint color, by the time you see it, the damage has been done. The best solution is to watch the pump so that you’re not overflowing the gas tank.

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