Bumpers are built to take a lot of abuse, which leads to dings and dents over time. For many car owners, it seems like a small thing and not something that should warrant a visit to your local auto body shop. While that may be true for maybe one ding, you’d do yourself great service taking the car in to be fixed because your car’s bumper plays a number of roles which, if not taken care of can lead to other major problems. In this article, I’ll share with you why you should go ahead and take care of that bumper problem.

Bumpers Lessen Impact On Your Car

When you hit something, chances are good that your bumper is the first thing that comes makes contact. As you may have seen, bumpers are built using material that can take a lot of force on impact, before any other part of the car makes contact. This is especially true in cases where you have fender benders and other smaller impacts. When your bumper is not in good shape, the damage to your car body and other vital areas like the lights are easily affected.

Dinged Bumpers Bring Down Value Of Your Car

You may think nothing of it but when you go to sell your car or trade it in for another model, one important factor that affects the price of your car is the shape the bumper is in. If your car has a number of dings and dents, the money you can sell it for goes down a bit. You may have a hard time fetching top dollar for your car also because in a way it may reflect on your driving style. Whether justified or not, a bumper with too many dings can signify poor driving and more wear and tear on the car.

Damaged Bumpers Can Hide Internal Problems

While it may look like just damage to your bumper, there may be more to the story. Bumpers are built to withstand shock energy from a collision but this sometimes leads to internal auto body issues. A few bumper accidents can cause misalignment and put more pressure on other parts of the car and cause even more wear and tear. By fixing the bumper, you keep yourself safe on the road.

Insurance Claims

In the past, insurance claims have determined the cause of collision to be a damaged bumper (from a previous collision) and this had complicated the claims. When you fix a damaged bumper in time, you ensure that future claims will not be complicated by a past problem.

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