Remember the first time you got behind the wheel? You’d been waiting all your life up to that point to taste the freedom that comes with being able to drive, and more importantly, having your own car. It didn’t matter what kind of car it was. In the heat of excitement, no one thought about car safety. Now that you’re grown up, you know better. You know that being safe on the road is just as important.

Teenage drivers today face a number of challenges that put them at risk. Although cars have become increasingly safer due to innovations in technology, teenage drivers still contribute to a large percentage of vehicle collisions. In this article, we’ll share ways to keep your teenager out of harm’s way and help him/her understand what’s at risk.

Have The Talk

About cars and driving, that is. Before handing over the keys to your teenage driver, spend some time talking them through scenarios that they may encounter while they’re out there driving. Specifically, get them to understand what to do in these scenarios:

These scenarios may seem like a no brainer to you and me, but for someone who hasn’t had to deal with it, it may be overwhelming. While it’s not guaranteed that they’ll remember all these things, hopefully, some of it will stick and be of use when they need it.

Limit Driving At Night

Driving at night requires much more focus on the road. It’s easy to not see a pedestrian walking on the side or a biker. A teenage driver who is easily distracted can get into a lot of trouble in a matter of seconds of not paying attention. If the teenage driver has to drive at night, he/she should have an adult with them as a second pair of eyes.

Driving With Friends

Having friends in the car can sometimes add more burden to a teenage driver’s ability to drive. At this age, there’s a strong desire to please friends and look cool. This could lead to loud music, chatting and fast driving, all of which compromise the safety of the driver and all occupants. Talk to your teenage driver and agree to an acceptable number of friends in the car.

Know Where You’re Going

We all rely on driving directions from the GPS apps on our phones. While this is a helpful feature, it can cause distraction when a teenage driver is trying to look at their phone while driving. First, help them understand how the streets are laid out, North-South and East-West. Understanding this means you don’t have to rely on the GPS 100% of the time.

Invest in a phone holder that mounts on the dashboard of the car so that when one has to look at the map, they can easily see it. This will help keep both hands on the wheel.

Where To Get Car Repaired

In the unfortunate case that your teenage driver gets involved in an auto collision, it’s important for them to know where to seek help. As a certified auto body shop in Oklahoma, we’re able to reliably fix cars accurately and at an affordable rate. When you take your car to a body shop that is not certified, you’re basically rolling a dice and hoping for the best. We guarantee our repairs and work with your insurance to make sure that your car is fixed right the first time.

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