What appears to be forever, many of us are getting back to our normal routine. We’re now going to work, restaurants, and other places that we used to frequent before the shutdown. As we do that we need to keep our guard up because Coronavirus is still among us and we need to protect ourselves and families. Given that vehicles are what we primarily use to get to all these places, it’s important we remind ourselves how to keep our cars virus free. In this article, I’ll explore areas you may or may not be thinking about when it comes to car cleanliness and safety.

General Cleaning

Many of us are used to doing this, but it’s important now than ever to grab some supplies for wiping down your car. Put together a kit that includes disinfecting wipes or spray and a microfoam cloth or something similar. I prefer disinfecting wipes as these can be tossed once you’re done as opposed to reusing the same rug.

Mind The Dashboard

According to the CDC, viruses can stay on plastic and metal for a few days to a few months. So go ahead and clean the dashboard well, as well as the different knobs and buttons. This is especially important if you share a car with a family member or friend.

Protect The Kids

When it comes to kids, give them simple directions that they can do every time they get into a car. For example, you could have them use a hand sanitizer before getting in the car and turn that into a routine. Kids are very good at doing things they see adults do so lead by showing them how to stay safe and they’ll follow along.

Other Passengers

You may be doing all you can to stay safe but if you have to ride with others in the car, you need to take extra precautions. Go ahead and wear a mask when you ride with people outside your household. Have a hand sanitizer on hand to use for extra protection.

The other thing you can do when riding with others in to keep the windows open, even slightly open. The good thing is that Oklahoma weather is getting warmer so you can do this without getting uncomfortable. The reason behind this is that in a closed car, it’s easier for the virus to build-up and concentrate but an open window allows air circulation making it easier to naturally recycle the air.

We’re Open And To Help

During these tough times, Davis Paint & Auto Collision Center is working hard to make sure your auto body collision, auto repair needs are met in the safest way possible. Give us a call today and we’ll discuss the best way to serve you while keeping you and your family safe. We have 3 locations that are operating within the Oklahoma City metro. Our Oklahoma City location’s phone number is 405.733.9797, South Oklahoma City location: 405.691.1820, and Midwest City location: 405.732.0762.