Choosing an auto repair shop in Oklahoma is one of the most important decision you can make for your car. In the life of a car, there is bound to be time when you need a mechanic to fix your car. Brakes get worn out. The air conditioning stops working. The engine light comes on. You get the point. When you need a professional to work on your car, it’s very important to choose wisely. Unfortunately not all mechanics are created equal and not all auto repair shops do the best job. We’ll share with you 5 tips to help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing an auto repair shops.

Choosing an auto repair shop takes time

Take your time to research auto body shops in your area. This may sound like a bad advice but the number one reason people end up with bad repairs is because they rush to the closest auto shop and did not take time to do their research. Or they chose the first bid they got and never looked further. Unless you really have to, take a little bit more time to check things over before committing to a repair job. The other thing you can do is simply have a relatively smaller repair job done before commiting to a bigger repair job and this will help you get a feel for who you deal with.

Ask for recommendations

Asking friends to recommend auto repair shops is a good start. This can help you build a list of auto shops to look into. Always do your research and don’t take anyone’s word at face value. Remember, it’s your car and if it doesn’t get fixed correctly you will be the one stuck with it, and not your friend.

What do they do best?

Every body shop does a little bit of everything but there is something that they’re good for. Some are good at automotive repairs, paintless dent repairs, or even collision repairs. When you call the auto shop ask about what they specialize in and this will help you make your decision. Some auto repair shops only deal with a certain make or makes of cars, either imports or domestics and by knowing this you can eliminate  the ones that don’t service your type of car.

Are they a certified auto shop?

Having industry certifications is a really good sign that an auto repair shop has invested in new technology and way of doing things. Many certifications require that the auto shops maintain a certain level of quality and regular training of the technicians. When you get your car fixed at a certified auto body shop you get better guarantee of the issue being fixed right.  At Davis Paint & Collision Auto Center we maintain a number of industry certifications that helps us stay up-to-date with new advances in technology.

Can they help with insurance claims?

The process of filling out insurance forms can be very confusing to car owners. It’s something we don’t do often so when we have to fill out the paperwork it can be a bit intimidating. Auto repair shops that help out with insurance claims will save you time and ensure you get all that is available for you. When you’re searching auto repair shops ask about insurance claims and see if they can help you with it.

Do they guarantee their work?

Just about anything you buy nowadays comes with some guarantee or warranty to ensure that you get a great product or service. Auto repairs are no different. Ask the auto repair shop if they provide any guarantees for their work and for how long. When you get work done, save all paperwork in case you need to go back if something fails. It’s always a good idea to take a picture of the paperwork just in case you lose the physical copy.

Visit the auto repair shop

You can tell a lot about a business by just visiting their location and sitting in the lobby. At this point you’ve hopefully narrowed down your search to 2 or 3 repair shops and you’re ready to commit. Casually chat with the staff and observe other customers to see how happy/relaxed they are. Is the place well staffed? Are phone calls being answered promptly? Are the employees engaged or do they seem like they’d rather be somewhere else?

Check out Davis Paint & Collision Auto Center

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