Paintless Dent Repair is a process of repairing vehicles where one uses techniques to repair dent without disturbing the finish. This is the latest technology in dent removal and it has saved car owners and insurance companies millions of dollars. In the past, dents in a car were fixed in a very intrusive way that left the car paint damaged in which case the car had to be painted. This would cause the cost of even minor repair go up quite a bit because of all the work involved. This led to the development of this new technology that preserves the car’s paint finish as the dents are removed.

How does it work, you may ask. There are a few techniques used, depending on the type and location of the damage. One technique involves the use of specialized tools positioned on the backside or underside of an area and apply pressure to ‘pop’ out the dent. The other technique used involves bonding a special device to the exterior part of the car at the location of the dent and pull the dent from the outer side. In these cases, the paint of the car is protected and no refinishing is required.

In a nutshell, the benefits of Paintless Dent Repair include:

  • Cost effective – compared to other dent repairs, you’ll save money,
  • Preferred by insurance companies – you’ll get faster response on claims processing because insurance companies understand the technology,
  • Better resale value – dents in a car erode the resale value quickly and so keeping your car dent free means more money in your pocket when you sell your car

Be Warned!

There are “traveling” PDR companies that follow storm locations – here today, gone tomorrow. These companies will drill holes in your vehicle for easier access. If the manufacturer wanted holes there they would have put them there in the first place. The holes that are drilled weaken the structure of your vehicle which does not return it to original manufacturer standards.

Davis Paint & Collision offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty & complete customer satisfaction with our repairs. You should always get repairs done from a reputable auto body shop that you trust and can count on to do the right thing. Davis Paint & Collision Auto Center has been servicing Oklahoma City, Midwest City and surrounding areas since 1990 and will take care of you so you don’t fall for  “traveling” PDR companies. Call us today at our Oklahoma City location (405) 733-9797 or Midwest City location (405) 732-0762!