Keeping kids and pets safe in the car is an important responsibility of any adult riding with them. For many kids and pets alike, being in the car brings about excitement of new adventures, even if it is short-lived. That’s why as adults, we need to be alert and create an environment that enforces safety above all for our loved ones.

The first place to start is just the maintenance of the car. A well maintained car runs well but is also a safe car. Bad, worn out brakes, for example, pose a high risk or collision and this puts the occupants of the car in danger. We covered car maintenance tips in an earlier article but just to recap, here are 3 top maintenance checklist items:

  1. Make sure brakes and tires are in good condition,
  2. Top up and change regularly oils and fluids,
  3. Maintain air conditioning and heating

Once you have car maintenance taken care of you’re off to a good start. Here are a few more safety tips to consider while you’re on the road with your loved ones:

Restraints for pets

More and more states are emphasizing pet safety in cars. Instead of holding your pet in your laps, consider buying a proper restraint for your pet that is comfortable and provides the right amount of firmness. You wouldn’t want your pet hitting the dashboard or the doors when you swerve to avoid collision. When buying a restraint, you should consider your pet’s size and weight as well as any unique features that you need to accommodate.

Watch for summer heat

As adults, we can take heat without even knowing it. However, kids and pets are easily overwhelmed by it because of their smaller bodies. Always run the air conditioning or roll down the windows, even if slightly. Closed doors and windows in a car make it heat up very quickly and it can turn deadly in a matter of minutes. Carry water bottles in a cooler and encourage them to drink as much and as often as possible. Being hydrated will also help keep your kids and pets in good mood and fun to be with.

Child locks are essential

For young toddlers who are watching and doing what you’re doing, having a child lock is a life saver. Imagine your child fiddling with the car door just because she saw you doing the same. This can be a dangerous situation but thankfully the child locks will prevent this scenario playing out in reality.

Talk to your kids

Lastly, spend sometime and talk your kids about being careful in and around the car. Remind them that:

  • A car is not a toy and that they should not press buttons in the car,
  • The trunk of the car is for luggage and not hiding in,
  • A moving car can hit them and so they should stay away from moving vehicles.

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