Keeping your paint job looking its best is harder than many people realize, but it’s not about the big things. It’s about the small things that we do on a daily basis that put’s our car paint job at risk of getting ruined. In this article, we’ll point out several things that damage your car paint, without you knowing it.

Generic Auto Cleaners

Using non-auto cleaning items or generic liquids to clean the auto can ruin your car paint. When you wash your vehicle, it is critical to keep away from bland cleaners, for example, household or garage cleaners. Continuously stick to superb auto cleaning items.

Dripping Fuel

Despite the fact that a great many people need to ensure they get their penny’s worth when besting up their gas tank, filling it completely brings about the possibility of having gas flood and spill onto your vehicle. In the event that it’s left alone and not immediately wiped away, the spilled fuel can saturate the top layer of the paint making it lose its sparkle, and leaving a stain that is exceptionally hard to expel.

Road Construction

There is a lot of construction happening in our Oklahoma roads. These construction areas make roads narrow, increasing the chance that your vehicle may get scratched. If you’re unfortunate, construction signs can mean paint harm. Pieces of rocks can fly up and scratch your paint as you drive past the site. Even worse, tar can get stuck on to your car’s body and that stuff is hard to come off.

Bugs and Bird Droppings

In the event that your car appears to have droppings on when birds fly by, you’ll have to get it washed regularly to dispose of the droppings. Bird droppings are exceptionally acidic and will dull and stain your paint. Bugs dry on to your car paint and can cause scratching and chipping. You should wash away bugs as fast as you can utilizing an auto cleaner intended to remove bugs and other acidic substances.

Common Beverages (Coffee, Tea, Soda)

Numerous drinks are acidic, and since any corrosive can hurt your auto’s complete, you’ll need to get it washed off when you can. Driving off with your espresso mug or pop container on your car roof can destroy your paint. Giving it a chance to sit will just give it more opportunity to do harm, and giving it a chance to dry will just make it harder to get off later. In the event that you can’t rush to an auto carwash, try using your container of detailing spray and your microfiber fabric and wipe it off. This will help prevent the drink from sticking until you get to the carwash.

Direct Sunlight

Continued exposure to direct sunlight will destroy the outer layer of paint faster than expected. If you have a sheltered parking space, use it. Same for a carport – use it for the same reason; your car needs it. What’s more, if you don’t have these shelter options, attempt and locate the best spot with a shade – which is probably going to be under a tree.

Well that’s it for now. If you have paint damage on your car, don’t wait. Come to Davis Paint and Collision and see what we can do for you. Being a certified auto body shop, we have many options for you to help address your problem in a cost effective way. Give us a call at our Oklahoma City location (405) 733-9797 or Midwest City location (405) 732-0762 .